Attractions & theme park management

The attraction and theme park industry is rapidly growing and changing. Museums and science centres no longer focus exclusively on education, but are adding entertainment and experiential elements to their offerings in the form of themed exhibitions, interaction and attractions.

Zoos are building climbing parks; shopping centres are adding value to the shopping experience by means of, for instance, aquariums and simulation games. At the same time, major attraction parks are evolving into holiday resorts, featuring hotels, entertainment centres and water parks. Gaining an edge over their competitors is now more important than ever for all these attractions. As a result, young professionals with creative ideas and market knowledge are in growing demand.

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Social Innovation


You will learn how to cooperate more efficiently and acquire techniques to work out viable ideas. What’s special about this track, is that its curriculum is not set in stone, but still, all competencies of the leisure manager are dealt with.

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(International) Leisure Management


In this track your ultimate future challenge lies in managing and reconciling the different interests involved. Graduates may enter positions at local authorities, multinationals, sports organisations, event planning agencies, volunteer organisations, but also visitor attractions, pop music venues and museums.

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Master Imagineering


Today’s  creative economy has a growing need for high-level professionals who can create and innovate value from the experience perspective. This English-taught master’s programme in Imagineering is designed as a methodology for this new ‘outside-in enterprise logic’.  

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