Attractions & theme park management

The attraction and theme park industry is rapidly growing and changing. Museums and science centres no longer focus exclusively on education, but are adding entertainment and experiential elements to their offerings in the form of themed exhibitions, interaction and attractions.

Zoos are building climbing parks; shopping centres are adding value to the shopping experience by means of, for instance, aquariums and simulation games. At the same time, major attraction parks are evolving into holiday resorts, featuring hotels, entertainment centres and water parks. Gaining an edge over their competitors is now more important than ever for all these attractions. As a result, young professionals with creative ideas and market knowledge are in growing demand.

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A day in the life of ...

Experience the leisure programmes and the city of Breda through the eyes of our students.


Meet some of our students

Tony is our second-year student from Germany. He is studying International Leisure & Events Management. Most of the time he gets up at 7.30.

Rise and shine

Introducing the city of Breda

A sparkling and historical city in the south of the Netherlands, that is Breda! The city has been voted best city centre of 2017-2019. The combination of cultural hotspots and charming restaurants and bars makes Breda an inspiring and cheerful city!

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Meet Laura! She is studying the Pre-Master of Science in Leisure Studies. She basically spends four to five hours a day on attending classes. Usually, this involves group work, reading studies and catching up on homework. Alongside her studies she has a part-time job at the golf course of theme park De Efteling.

“The academy attracts a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds, each with their own unique stories, and that’s the reason why we benefit from studying in an environment which is extremely open-minded. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you can be sure you’ll be welcome at NHTV Breda.” - Tony

11:00 AM


NHTV Breda is a university of applied sciences. We offer several educational programs. At Academy for Leisure you can study Leisure & Events Management (either the national or international variant); the Bachelor, Master and Pre-Master of Science in Leisure Studies; and there is a Master in Imagineering. In the professional bachelor programme you can also opt for specialisation areas, which are called study tracks, including Attractions and Theme Parks Management, Cultural Venue Management and Social Innovation.

“In the afternoon and evening I spend time with student association Otium, of the Leisure Studies programme. All academic students can join this association, bachelor’s, master’s and pre-master’s students. We organise many activities throughout the year, such as monthly drinks gatherings and parties, pub lectures by interesting speakers (alumni, companies, etc.), a yearly multiple-day study trip, and other fun games and activities. Currently I am the chairwoman of this student association.” - Laura

1:00 PM

Student associations

In Breda you will make many new friends in no time. For example, at school, in your part-time job, or when going out. You may also choose to join one of the student associations. These associations organise a wide variety of interesting and fun activities.


BRESS is a student sports organisation which is powered by NHTV Breda and Avans. It offers a wide range of sports at affordable prices. Get to know new people while improving your physical skills! Enjoy some time to yourself where you can forget about your studies.

“I work as a hostess at the golf course of theme park De Efteling. I usually do this about one or two days a week, as the pre-master’s programme comprises only three school days a week (at least this year). What’s interesting is that De Efteling is such a big company that you can observe quite a lot of the leisure industry activities while working there.” - Laura

6:00 PM

Side jobs

Are you looking for a part-time job to relieve your financial situation and to get in touch with new people? Maybe you can find a side job through Insight, the internal news website of NHTV Breda.

working in the Netherlands
More information about part-time jobs in this link. (

“Breda is known for its high density of bars, clubs and restaurants, while it’s a relatively small city. Whatever your personal taste or preference - special beers, fancy cocktails or delicious food from different cultures …Breda has it all!” - Tony

7:00 PM


Breda has lots of places to eat which are also affordable if you have a student budget. Most of the restaurants offer a ‘stadshap’. This are good, tasty meals at a good price. Laura and Tony advise you to visit Suikerkist, Dependance and ‘t Hart van Breda for the best nachos of the city.

“When going out, of course, every second Tuesday of the month Café Dunne is THE place to be, as this is the pub night of student association Otium. Furthermore, Dependance and Walkabout are also great hotspots and always crowded.” - Laura

“Breda is a hotspot when it comes to bars and pubs. There are also a lot of pavement cafés where you can chill in the evening.” - Tony

10:00 PM


Breda has numerous pubs, restaurants, bars and a pop venue. In the city centre you can find plenty of nice and popular places at Havermarkt and Grote Markt. Boterhal has its own brewery and Suikerkist offers an extensive ‘gin & tonic’ menu. If you are looking for a variety of shot drinks, go to Shots or Feestfabriek.

Bedtime! First of all, enjoying the weekend with some leisure time. On Monday a new exciting week will start.

2:00 AM


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