Attractions & theme park management

The attraction and theme park industry is rapidly growing and changing. Museums and science centres no longer focus exclusively on education, but are adding entertainment and experiential elements to their offerings in the form of themed exhibitions, interaction and attractions.

Zoos are building climbing parks; shopping centres are adding value to the shopping experience by means of, for instance, aquariums and simulation games. At the same time, major attraction parks are evolving into holiday resorts, featuring hotels, entertainment centres and water parks. Gaining an edge over their competitors is now more important than ever for all these attractions. As a result, young professionals with creative ideas and market knowledge are in growing demand.

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Work placements for lecturers

19 March 2018 - 1 minute read

Work placements for lecturers

For a couple of years now the Academy for Leisure has been investing in work placements for lecturers. For two days a week for a period of six months, colleagues go into ‘the profession’ and work at a company, local council or other organisation. The benefits are innumerable: updated knowledge, new networks, working once again in a different setting, seeing what is taking place in the sector, the exchange of professionals, etc. The reactions from both colleagues as well as the work placement companies have been positive. The following is an enthusiastic description of the experiences of Angelica van Dam at the internet company 'Netvlies'.  

''Can you imagine it: an organisation without managers. Acquiring scope for diversity, individuality, entrepreneurship and development. Under your own direction and determining your own path. No meetings, but stand ups. All of this is possible at the Internet Company Netvlies. They are even so good at it that, together with 3 other companies, they have been nominated for the Employee Branding Award.

More happening than I had expected It was high time indeed to take a look behind the scenes and to undertake a work placement for lecturers at this inspiring organisation. After only two days of working here I realised that there was even more happening than I had expected. Let me describe my first day: upon entering I was immediately taken to my first stand up. A large clock keeps track of the time, because a stand up may not take longer than 20 minutes. Each team member briefly talks about the state of affairs and agreements are quickly reached.

Fast paced online working I was subsequently introduced to the online platform, including a Slack environment. It is as if more talking takes place here than in real life, because it is continually in motion. The progress made in projects is shared, but also the birthday cake made by a colleague, inspiration and household notifications and/or questions. Initiatives are placed and taken up, as well as projects for which people can register on the basis of their talents. One thing is clear: if you want to have work, you have to provide it for yourself.

Social involvement At about 12 o’clock everyone leaves for the canteen. A large central island, filled with fresh bread rolls, French bread, assorted cold meats, large pots of chocolate spread, salads, eggs etc. It is a matter of pushing your way through, because all the bread is spread and prepared on the island. Every day members of staff lunch here, including any clients who may be present. Because there are always guests who are involved in a 5-day design sprint or taking up a work place at Netvlies. In addition to the lunch you can find all sorts of soft drinks, biscuits and lots of fresh fruit. I certainly will manage to get through the day!

Design thinking is their middle name Even if I already knew that Netvlies had an innovative manner of working, all the same I am quite surprised just HOW innovative it is. Design thinking is their middle name and there is also little more for them to learn in relation to creativity and brainstorming. Personas, scrum, customer journey, agile, online tools, widgets, applications, marketing automation, social innovation, prototyping are terms which are mere child’s play for them. I am certainly going to learn an awful lot here in the months to come!''

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