Attractions & theme park management

The attraction and theme park industry is rapidly growing and changing. Museums and science centres no longer focus exclusively on education, but are adding entertainment and experiential elements to their offerings in the form of themed exhibitions, interaction and attractions.

Zoos are building climbing parks; shopping centres are adding value to the shopping experience by means of, for instance, aquariums and simulation games. At the same time, major attraction parks are evolving into holiday resorts, featuring hotels, entertainment centres and water parks. Gaining an edge over their competitors is now more important than ever for all these attractions. As a result, young professionals with creative ideas and market knowledge are in growing demand.

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Open Your Mind: creative Imagineering session

22 March 2018 - 1 minute read

Open Your Mind: creative Imagineering session

Seeing things differently is urgently needed in today’s exponentially connected society in business as well as in society. Luckily at NHTV Academy for Leisure we are aware that there is a bunch of new books bringing new insights that help us liberate organisations from their industrial shackles.

Last Thursday the NHTV/Imagineering Academy organised an Open Your Mind event NHTV Academy for Leisure. It contained three sessions of 120-minutes briefings from the Imagineering Academy, celebrating these new insights and knowledge in an inspiring and fun way. Introduced by a professor of NHTV/Imagineering Academy, master students presented three recent books to make everybody see things differently. De Imagineering-crew helped freeing the minds of the audience presenting cutting edge new books with the ultimate goal to empower the interventions everybody makes on a daily basis in an organization and/or society. During the session the third phase of a design process was discussed: Implementation.

Foto credit: Eva Verhagen en Mark Vogelaars, NHTV AfL C&E

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